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12X Re-Whitenings Free. No one else offers such a great opportunity. Whitening is an amazing process but IT ONLY LASTS IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO MAINTENANCE BLEACHING, which before was the BIG SECRET – The hidden cost of keeping your teeth whitened… What good is it to whiten teeth AND THEN NOT KEEP THEM WHITE? Who only wants to whiten their teeth for one or two months? The truth is our clients want their teeth whitening to last.

As a way to make professional teeth whitening affordable, we created our 12X Re-Whitenings Free program which allows our clients to keep teeth their whitest year round without paying for extra gel. You simply pay s/h cost to deliver it to your door. As a Brighter Image Client you will never pay for future maintenance whitening or bleaching tray replacement again.

Smile Assurance Gel

It's Simple, Professional Teeth Whitening costs 70% less when you're buying online.

The Biggest Secret in professional teeth whitening is - How to keep your teeth their whitest.

Just like any other investment, it is essential to perform routine maintenance to protect your new white smile. If you neglect to continue to bleach your teeth then the brightest whitest shade will fade and rescind from its brightest and become stained in the days and months following the initial whitening procedure.

Unfortunately, Continued Whitening is unavoidable due to the natural aging process and everyday lifestyle decisions such as certain foods, red wine, coffee, cigarettes, etc. Your teeth whitening results will recede if not maintained with follow up maintenance bleaching. Just like tanning, hairstyles or manicuring nails.

This is the reality following all professional whitening procedures, even laser and in-office teeth treatments. Most dentists won’t tell you the truth about the hidden cost of keeping your teeth there whitest. They know that once you see your teeth their whitest you’ll want to keep then there whitest and then you’re forced to pay them every month to keep your teeth their whitest.

There's no minimum number of syringes to buy, and you can cancel deliveries at any time.

  • Never worry about running out or forgetting to reorder
  • Every month, you will receive a FREE 1-month supply of your Hi-Intensity™ Strength Bleaching Solution.
  • Your credit card will only be billed for shipping and handling.
  • Customize the frequency of your deliveries to match your individual usage
  • PLUS Receive - FREE Exclusive Lifetime Replacement Warranty on your DuraBrite™ Trays, If ever lost or damage we’ll replace then.

If you are a existing client, call us at 1-877-719-4483 or chat LIVE with us about enrolling in our Smile Assurance Whitening Program!

Order Now - 2 Free Hi-Intensity Bleaching Gels

You will get 2 Free Bleaching Gels and a FREE Membership into our Smile Assurance™ Client Program. All you pay for is the S&H.

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