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We Deliver Dramatic Teeth Whitening Results For Our Clients - Brighter Image Survey: 94.4% Satisfied to Extremely Satisfied
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In September 2018 we randomly surveyed over 500 Brighter Image™ customers. Many thanks to you who participated in the survey. The primary goal of the survey was to find out what our users wanted to see improved at Brighter Image™, and in our Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Service in the future. I'm happy to say we received a wealth of feedback that we're already pouring into our development efforts to make Brighter Image™ and our Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Service better than ever.

When we asked what their over-all satisfaction level was with the Brighter Image™ Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening System, the answer was overwhelmingly positive: 94.4% answered satisfied, very satisfied, or extremely satisfied with the Brighter Image™ Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Service. In fact, the large majority (66.3%) were in the VERY to EXTREMELY satisfied categories.

I think the positive response can be attributed not only to a top-notch Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Service, but to the excellent support team here at Brighter Image™. I'm truly blessed with a great staff of people working here at Brighter Image™, so I'd like to give them a big pat on the back (..pat..pat..pat).

Our relatively small group here at Brighter Image™ normally turns around all e-mails in 24 hours or less even though we receive over 1,000 messages a month. (Sometimes we take a bit longer when the 1,000's of Brighter Image™ email specials go out, but our goal is to respond to every message as quickly as we can). I've even caught the Brighter Image™ support team giving a correct answer or two on occasion :-)

More Important, the Brighter Image™ customers appreciate the support team as well: 95.5% said they were satisfied to extremely satisfied with the level of customer service provided here at Brighter Image™.

We continue to place a major emphasis on customer care since that's the way I've always ran Brighter Image™. Nothing irritates me more than to call a company, be put on hold for 20 minutes, only to be told I have to leave a voice mail just to get a simple answer. I also hate companies that make you fill out a 20 question form just to send them an e-mail that you only have a 50% chance of them responding to. Am I alone in this frustration?

All I can say is if you ever start your own business, be different than the rest. Don't cut any corners when it comes to customer service. Treat your customers right. Train and equip your sales and support people to give decent, and timely answers to questions. Listen to their questions. Then try to improve your Web site and products when possible so people won't have to ask the question in the first place.

One interesting note from the survey: Although 94.4% were pleased with the Brighter Image™ Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening Service, only 93.2% would recommend us to a friend. Apparently 1.2% like us so much, they don't want their friends, family members, and co-workers finding out  how they got such a bright smile <grin>.

Despite these very encouraging numbers, we still feel we have room for improvement. After-all, that's why we conducted the survey in the first place. The year 2018 holds great things for Brighter Image™ Lab Direct™ Teeth Whitening users, so stay-tuned, and thank you for your loyal support!

Bill Watson, Brighter Image™

WARNING: Don't be misled by unproven internet claims or ineffective over the counter whitening kits. Brighter Image Lab Direct Service is used by top cosmetic dentists nationally as a proven, safe and effective service that is monitored by our clinical lab staff for the most dramatic, maximum whitening results.
Over 300,000 clients have trusted our service and your results satisfaction is guaranteed!

We Deliver Dramatic Teeth Whitening Results For Our Clients - Brighter Image Survey: 94.4% Satisfied to Extremely Satisfied